Last day in Melbourne January 6

Today we woke up to a strong smell of smoke from the fires and poor air quality as rated by the meteorological services here. Outside it was hard for me to breathe deeply without coughing. We walked to a nearby coffee shop where we had a late breakfast. The big event of the day wasContinue reading “Last day in Melbourne January 6”

Harp in the Royal Botanical Gardens

My daughter-in-law, Leah, had purchased tickets for Dave and me to attend Harp in the Gardens on January 5. I was unsure what to expect-a full solo harp performance perhaps? It was to be from 1:00PM-3:00PM. Much to our surprise and delight, the harpist, Michael Johnson, is the resident harpist of the Gardens- he actuallyContinue reading “Harp in the Royal Botanical Gardens”

Pictures January 4 before leaving our B&B for Melbourne

Since Leah’s parents and nephew, Ollie, were returning to Adelaide and we to Melbourne, we took some pictures of this family before departure and look forward to seeing all in Maine in August. Leah’s brother, Tom, Ollie’s father did not come on this part of the trip with us. As we rode into Melbourne, smokeContinue reading “Pictures January 4 before leaving our B&B for Melbourne”

January 3-side trip to the 12 Apostles

This morning Dave and I took a side trip to the famous geological site, The 12 Apostles, located on the Great Ocean Road just outside Port Campbell. The formations in the ocean are of sandstone and limestone and have been created by the ocean waves against the cliffs. These were thought at one time toContinue reading “January 3-side trip to the 12 Apostles”

Starting back to Melbourne from Adelaide-January 2, 2020

The day after New Year’s we began the trip back to Melbourne from Adelaide, stopping at an air b&b we had rented in Warrnambool for 2 nights. The trip was longer than we had expected -around 9 hours!! Sammy was very uncomfortable sitting so long in the car seat, and we stopped frequently to stretchContinue reading “Starting back to Melbourne from Adelaide-January 2, 2020”