Addendum: Day of Departure

I am posting this a bit late after resting from jet lag back in South Portland.

I left Melbourne the morning of January 7 after many hugs and kisses for Sammy, Leah, and Dave. I will miss them so much! The good news is that they all will be here in August, including Leah’s parents, brother, and nephew!! Am excited about that!

Adding another spa picture and also pictures prior to flight time.

A future swimmer!!
cuddles with Sammy the day of my departure in Dave and Leah’s home in Melbourne
Dave, Sammy, and me before leaving Dave’s house in Melbourne.
Dave and myself at Melbourne airport before I step into security line.

2 thoughts on “Addendum: Day of Departure

  1. Welcome HOME! Your posts have been terrific!. What a growing boy you have there. It is fun to think about Leah and family in ME in August.

    Happy New Year.




    1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! thanks for reading-and Leah and Dave love the little blanket Nancy made for Sammy-it is so soft!! Yes-you will be invited to a gathering in August-tentatively the 23rd of August. More to come!!


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