Pictures January 4 before leaving our B&B for Melbourne

Since Leah’s parents and nephew, Ollie, were returning to Adelaide and we to Melbourne, we took some pictures of this family before departure and look forward to seeing all in Maine in August. Leah’s brother, Tom, Ollie’s father did not come on this part of the trip with us.

Sammy is getting very strong!!
Leah’s father, Shane, holding Sammy.
Irene, Ollie, and Sammy
Sammy, Irene, Ollie
Shane, Ollie, Irene holding Sammy, Leah, Dave
Shane, Ollie, Irene, me holding Sammy, and Dave
Shane, Leah, Irene with Sammy, me, Dave
at a rest stop on the way home to Melbourne-luckily, the drive was only 4 hours!

As we rode into Melbourne, smoke from the fires hung over the city. The fires are to the northeast of the city-not in the city or suburbs.

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