Last day in Melbourne January 6

Today we woke up to a strong smell of smoke from the fires and poor air quality as rated by the meteorological services here. Outside it was hard for me to breathe deeply without coughing.

We walked to a nearby coffee shop where we had a late breakfast.

The big event of the day was taking Sammy to a baby spa in the city. I was so impressed!! That would be a wonderful service to have in the U.S.

A massage therapist for babies greeted us and led us to a tub of warm water. She placed a flotation collar around Sammy’s neck, and Sammy had a lovely 15 minutes of moving around unaided in the water. It was wonderful to see! Then the therapist gave him a massage and exercised his arms and legs.

entrance to the baby spa
Leah getting Sammy out of his clothes for the water exercise.
massage therapist putting on Sammy’s special “swimming’ attire
Here is Sammy in his flotation collar being lowered into the water.
having fun in the water!!
massage therapist helping him get extra exercise!
Getting Sammy all dried off
massage therapist massaging legs and feet
nice back massage-and he loved looking at the baby in the mirror!
pure delight!

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