Harp in the Royal Botanical Gardens

My daughter-in-law, Leah, had purchased tickets for Dave and me to attend Harp in the Gardens on January 5. I was unsure what to expect-a full solo harp performance perhaps? It was to be from 1:00PM-3:00PM.

Much to our surprise and delight, the harpist, Michael Johnson, is the resident harpist of the Gardens- he actually lives there and composes music inspired by the natural setting and enhancing the visitors’ experience. He showed us several meditation centers in the Gardens and then took us to a gazebo to lead us through meditation/visualization with harp accompaniment. After that, he played several of his own compositions. It was a truly superb time! I chatted with him about the harp and also about my interest in playing for hospice and other health venues since he does that at hospitals around Melbourne and also plays for surgeries. He has a keen knowledge of the benefits of harp and physical health as well as the neuroplasticity of the brain.

waiting for lunch before the meditation with harp
lunch at the gardens-pho at the Vietnamese restaurant there
Michael Johnson, the harpist, pushing his harp along a walkway. The harp is not made of wood, but rather of carbon fiber, so it does not succumb to varying temperatures and weather.
Michael Johnson discussing aspects of his compositions and the harp.
Here he is playing his music.
the pond at the Gardens
one of the meditation gardens which has a large suspended swing.
one of the lovely flowering tees in the gardens
back at home Sammy having his nightly bath!! Such wonderful parents!

Many thank you’s to Leah who so graciously gave Dave and me the tickets to the harp event today and also for encouraging quality time for me to spend with all during my time here.

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