Starting back to Melbourne from Adelaide-January 2, 2020

The day after New Year’s we began the trip back to Melbourne from Adelaide, stopping at an air b&b we had rented in Warrnambool for 2 nights. The trip was longer than we had expected -around 9 hours!! Sammy was very uncomfortable sitting so long in the car seat, and we stopped frequently to stretch and see that Sammy had time to kick, stretch, nurse, and have his diaper changed. Along the route, we could see smoke billowing from fires to a distance on our left. They were not close enough to cause any road closures, but we could smell the smoke and a few cinders appeared on our windshield . I feel such sadness for all this devastation. If anyone wishes to donate to relief efforts for those affected by the bushfires here are some sites:

RSPCA New South Wales:  (for animals)

Victoria Bushfire Disaster Appeal:
Red Cross Australia

stopping along our route
tummy time stretch for Sammy along the way!
Dave and Sammy at one of our rest stops!! Many kudos to Dave for driving all that distance!
Cool Sammy in Daddy’s sunglasses!

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