New Year’s Day 2020 in Adelaide

Dave and I started the day by going for a walk on the beautiful beach in Adelaide.

Here is the jetty extending out into the sea. There is another one about 3/4 of a mile away. Swimmers were doing freestyle laps between the two.
coffee on the jetty
a view from the jetty of part of the beach.
a view of the beach from the other side of the jetty. The beach here is quite long-much more so than Maine’s beaches.
Irene in her kitchen
Mommy and Sammy
Sammy,, Mommy, and Mamam
New Year’s dinner at an Asian restaurant in Adelaide.On the left are Irene, Leah’s mother, and Tom, Leah’s brother. On the right are Dave and Shane, Leah’s dad.
Dave and wide-awake Sammy!
Leah’s brother Tom holding his 2 nephews-Max on the left, age 6 months, and Sammy on the right, age 4 months.
Leah holding her nephew Max and son Sammy

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