Back in Adelaide

Back in Adelaide, we reunited with the Leah’s family and Sammy. He seemed to have grown during the days we were gone. I was so delighted to hold him again!

Sammy and Mimi at Irene and Shane’s house ( Mamam and Pop)
Sammy is intrigued by the Wombat puppet his Dad got him in Tasmania
Sammy loves being held and lifted by Daddy. Leah (Mommy) is in the background.
Here is Irene and Shane’s cat, Banjo-very sweet-spends much of time outside.
Sammy, his mother Leah, and his Mamam, Irene
Sammy, Mom, and Mamam
Shane, Leah’s dad, took me to the Adelaide Hills for a tour, and here is a baby kangaroo we saw. We did have to take detours here because of some fires.
another kangaroo from that same road trip.
ready to hop!
mother and baby
hopping away!!

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