Tasmania, Day 4

Because it was to be so hot today, (temperature of 97degrees F) we decided to spend the day at MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art just outside Hobart.

The museum is totally underground and is meant to be an experience-quite different from the usual museums. Lighting is very low, and to get to several exhibits, we went through tunnels! Some things were actually quite startling and gave me a bodily reaction. There are no signs on the art works. We each had guided tours through a tablet.

The museum was established by David Walsh who made millions gambling.

Pictures to come!!

part of the MONA -the lower floor is a restaurant where we had lunch

walkway up to MONA
David in front of MONA sign
in the exhibit called The Grotto at MONA
Here is the underground entrance
one of the tunnels to get to exhibits. more are under construction, too.
a large exhibit called The Snake
A satire on a Fiat-the frame was an original Fiat but the body was artistically designed as oversized in places to make a statement about surfeit of “stuff”
eating in the Farro restaurant in MONA

From MONA we had thought of getting a quick supper at Taste of Tasmania before our flight, but learned that Taste had been cancelled due to the high heat.

We returned our rental car and went to the airport for the flight back to Adelaide. As we were entering the airport, smoke and cinders blew into our faces from the Tasmanian bush fires. So sad!

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