Tasmania, Day 2

We started the day by going to the Hobart Harbor since the winning boat from the Sydney to Hobart sailing race was just coming in. We were especially eager to see the boat, the Comanche, since it was built in Damariscotta, Maine, although the crew was Australian. It is a very impressive sailboat!!

boat with the red hull is the Comanche-very sleek
Hobart Harbor-a lot smaller than the Portland Harbor.

From there we drove north for a day trip to Freycinet Park, formed by glaciers with lovely rock formations and inlets from the sea. When we arrived, we hiked 1000 feet up to Wine Glass Bay. The climb in parts was intense. David was a good coach and cheered me on-good training for the Camino!! He also pointed out roots so that I could prevent myself from falling !! The park is very beautiful although the temperature was in the high 80’s.

a selfie of us at a lookout over the bay on the way up
getting higher up overlooking Wineglass Bay
Dave near the top of our hike -note the interesting rock formation on the right.
We did it!!
a little wallaby in the bushes in the middle trailside
a Wallaby in the parking lot
many photographing him!
a view of the rock formations on the mountains of Freycinet from Spring Bay Harbor.
rewarding ourselves with salted caramel ice cream cones at Spring Bay Harbor
Dave practicing his guitar skills that evening at our Air B&B the

2 thoughts on “Tasmania, Day 2

  1. It might have been that tall sailboat I saw in Portland this summer. I think it was the tallest steel (?) mast anywhere.

    I’ll email you a pic it I can find it.


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