Tasmania Day 1

We flew into Hobart, Tasmania, Thursday evening and after a restful night in our air b&b we began to explore Hobart, the capitol, which is a city of 240,000. The air is considerably cooler than in Adelaide.

In the morning we went to the replica of the Mawson hut, designed by Sir Douglas Mawson, an Antarctic explorer from Australia who made several trips to the Antarctic in the early 20th century.

the replica of the Mawson hut-well designed and constructed entirely of wood!!
My son Dave inside the hut.. In the background are the bunk beds for the explorers.

From there we went to the Tasmanian museum where we saw an exhibit about the aboriginal people of the western part of Tasmania. Their arts are lovely and include basket weaving and jewelry-making. These arts remind me of the Native American arts in the U.S. But sadly, the aboriginal people were decimated by the British and forced off their lands.

sign for the art gallery which was a custom house under colonial rule.

We walked along the waterfront where the 48 hour sailboat race from Sydney to Hobart would end in the following days.

one of the older streets in Hobart in the Salamanca district
research institute on Hobart Harbor
the judges’ station on the finish line for the sailing race
one of the buoys in the Hobart Harbor marking the location for the race finish line

That afternoon we drove to New Norfolk, a small town to the north. The roads here are more like those country roads in the US-very winding with only 2 lanes. The countryside is very rural with many farms and vast fields and woods as landscape. It is so peaceful and beautiful but very dry due to extreme heat. In some areas water restrictions are posted.

St. Matthews Church in New Norfolk is the oldest church in Tasmania.
from New Norfolk we drove further north to a national park with some hikes. We chose the one to Russell Falls.
forest trail on the way to the falls
first view of the falls-truly beautiful with water cascading from many levels
me in front of Russell Falls
Dave by Russell Falls
our selfie there
hiking along the trail-what am I doing with my pocketbook there?? lol!!

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