Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day

Dave and I went to the vineyards south of Adelaide for lunch on Tuesday . The area is quite lovely and the meal delicious. There was haze from the fires on the hills surrounding Adelaide.

We are enjoying lunch!
the entrance to the restaurant at the vineyard.

Here are some pictures of Christmas Day in Adelaide-temperature out is in the 90’s F :

Sammy with Ollie, his 8 year old cousin.
garden at Tom’s, Leah’s brother’s home.
Dave with the family.
At Christmas Dinner
David and Sammy

Breakfast in Adelaide on Boxing Day

Very little is open in Australia on the day after Christmas, but we were able to find a very nice coffee shop for brunch on the 26th. Dave, Leah, Sammy, Tom and his son Ollie, and Shane, Leah’s father as well as myself enjoyed this time together.

Breakfast the 26th in Adelaide.
Breakfast the 26th in Adelaide. Tom was taking the picture!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day

  1. It’s January 22, dear Barbara, as I read and view the photos posted on your blog. They are simply wonderful to look at. It’s great, of course, to be able to see photos of Dave’s in laws. And I especially appreciate the ones that include your son David and your grandson Sammy – and those including you with them. Of course! Thank you very much for sharing your visit to Australia and for giving us info also about other things going on in that country.


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